Caterpillar eats plastic!

Posted by bw on Jan 11th 2018

We will always be working to provide options for our customers to reduce their carbon footprints.  From choosing a thinner packaging item to a packaging item that is a better "fit", there are things that people can do today to reduce their carbon footprint.  We often see customers lining a box or trash can with a bag that is way too big for the application.  We can help with this kind of thing proper bag sizing.  We are also excited with newer technology that will give us more options in the packaging world where protections and "freshness" of items can be preserved with packaging that can also better breakdown in the environment. If you work with us you will be working with a partner that both recognizes the "negatives" of the products we sell but also strives to make our customers aware of their options that helps to put less of our products into landfills.  Not everyone knows that we have facilities "grinding" up and recycling polyethylene packaging so that it is NOT going directly to landfills.   Here is an exciting link discussing poly and plastic breakdown using plants and animals.  Please know that we are always keeping our eyes and ears open as to how we can give more and better "earth friendly" options.  Also be aware of what you are using right now.  Is your poly bag or other packaging item "too big" or "too thick" for the application?