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Choosing Bag Thickness

Question: What is mil/gauge and how do i apply it to my bag?

Answer: In reference to poly bags the mil is referring to the “thickness” (see below)


spoken        written                 example                                                                             Guide for picking trash liner “thickness” below

.5 mil         .0005 mil          grocery bag                                                                           Red = light duty “strength” trash liner                       

.75 mil     .00075 mil          sandwich bags                                                                                     

1.0 mil         .001 mil          furniture cover                                                                       Blue = medium duty “strength” trash liner

1.5 mil       .0015 mil          bread bag / mattress bag                                 

1.75 mil   .00175 mil          freezer bag                                                                                          

2.0 mil         .002 mil          retail bag / Ice bag / mailing bag / bio hazard bag            Brown = Heavy duty “construction” liner

3.0 mil         .003 mil          metal products (screws, staples, bolts)

4.0 mil         .004 mil          sharper metal products (needles, nails)                              Green = Extra heavy duty liner (sharp edges, heavy loads)

6.0 mil         .006 mil          heavier metals with sharp edges